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Questions about comedians heard on the show:

  1. Who is the comedian that talks about fat people ? ie; one is " I'm a good mind to go walk, but my ankles are swelled,,I don't know why that meat loaf lays on my chest so bad. etc etc.

  2. That's James Gregory. See funniestman

  3. Do you have Revenge of the tele-marketer on any of your cd's or tapes?

  4. See tommabe

  5. Who was the person who read the letter about the person who he sent money to in Africa? This was done on Sat. morning 1/11/03.

  6. See larrythecableguy

  7. Within the last several years you had a female comedian on the show and she talked about horses and horse-people. She had written a book; can you give me her name and the name of the book?

  8. See pamstone

Questions about comedians heard on the show:

  1. I was just wondering what happened to Andy's wife on the show?

  2. It's never dealt with directly on the Griffith show, but on the pilot (which was actually an episode of The Danny Thomas Show) there's a scene between Andy and Opie that strongly implies that Andy's first wife had died.>

  3. Where can I get the Mayberry trivia game you use on the show?

  4. "Mayberry Mania" and "The Andy Griffith Show Trivia Game". You can order both online from (Go to their site and enter "Andy Griffith trivia" in the search box for links.)

Questions about books or guest authors we have talked about on the show:


  2. THE NAME is by Franklin Graham. It's in most bookstores.

  3. Several months ago you had a author on The Big Show who had written a book about the 1992 Nascar year all the changes it made for modern racing like Petty retiring and Jeff Gordon's first race in WC.

  4. The book is "Race With Destiny" by David Poole, published by Albion

  5. You had a guest on the show one morning this week talking about a book. I wanted to know the name of the book if possible. I that it was called "When religion goes bad" but not for sure...

  6. "When Religion Becomes Evil" is by Charles Kimball. Publisher is Harper San Francisco. It's available thru amazon

  7. Heard about a book written by a pilot who experienced captivity in Somalia. Was wondering where I could find it and the name of the book.

  8. "In the Company of Heroes" is by Michael J. Durant. See amazon or your local bookstore.

Questions about books or guest authors we have talked about on the show:

  1. I would like to enter the BC Powders contest. What do I do?

  2. Number is (972) 628-7735

    address is:
    B.C. Talent Search
    P.O. Box 809014
    Dallas, TX 75254
    Mailings should include a letter explaining your story, a video tape of you explaing your story and a photo yourself.

  3. Where can I find the Ward Burton Cat Steed Loader commercial?

  4. It's on our latest cd "Rough Cuts"

  5. I have a question about your radio broadcast. I live in Richmond Virginia and drive to Durham North Carolina on a regular basis. When making this trip I have noticed that the station in Durham is on a several minute delay, and I was wondering why that is. It's very strange to hear a contest or a skit, and then to switch stations to hear it all over again.

  6. We provide the show to affiliates in three flavors, Rock, Country and Oldies (60's & 70's)...The timing issue allows us to accomodate the multiple musical formats our affiliates have demanded... The time shift is designed to float between 1 second and up to 3 minutes, we strive to keep the delay on the minimum side of that window, but occassionally it floats a little long...

  7. Is the new video tape for sale at places like Kmart? or will it be in the future?

  8. The new video is currently only available through the website and on the JB&B Souvenir Rig. That may change in the future, though not anytime really soon. See thebigshow for order info.

  9. Hey guys I wanted to get the full story. I came in on the end of a story you were telling about Bradshaw & someone burning the American Flag in Las Vegas.

  10. For the Urban Legend version involving Terry Bradshaw, and our correction, look about halfway down the page at the following address. snopes

  11. I was told that Pepsi is putting out a can that has the pledge of allegiance printed on it, to memorialize the events that took place on Sept. 11. However, the phrase "One nation under God" is going to be left out of the pledge. Is this true?

  12. The Pepsi story you heard is not quite accurate. See this address: snopes

  13. At the end of the "Playhouse" segments, I hear the " Hold a Dollar" line. Who says this and why?

  14. The "Hold a dollar" line was delivered by our late buddy Dub Starnes, a Playhouse regular until his death in early 1998 after gall bladder surgery. "Hey Big Man -- lemme hold a dollar!" was the last line he ever delivered on his final Playhouse in December of 1997. We include the clip as a weekly tribute to him.

  15. I recently heard Max Bear (Jetro) on your show, and he gave a web address for his casino. Can you tell me what it is?

  16. It's jethroscasino

  17. On todays show 8/8/02 you had a segment on the superheroes of the john,(not to be confused with John Boy) however I forgot the web page address for veiwing this new comic hero, could you please supply the web page address for me thanks.

  18. It's screamingwedgie

  19. I am looking for information on the game that was talked about on you show I believe the name was English segarian and the guy on was Scott if possible I would like info on how to purchase one of these games.

  20. See comedymax

  21. I heard the guy the other day on the show with all the pecan brittle and stuff. What was the name of the company and do they have a web site?

  22. See elizabethpecans

  23. I was listening to the Straight, White, and Southern album. There is mentioning of John Boy posing in a magazine (half naked I believe) and getting a lot of crap from everybody who saw it, especially Murray. What's the name of the magazine he posed for and where's a good place to see it?

  24. It was a local free weekly newspaper called "BREAK" that used to be published in the Charlotte area years ago. It's long gone -- and so is any easy availability of the pix. Sorry.

  25. My husband has heard Billy talking about having the laser surgery done on his eyes. I would like to know who the doctor is and where he had it done??

  26. See christenberry

  27. I am writing to find out the name of the mortgage company(in Charlotte) that advertises on your station.

  28. (704) 295-0085

  29. I haven't heard from the little boy that knows everything about NASCAR..When are you going to have him back and what is his name?

  30. That's Nascar Sam. He drops by at unpredictable times.

  31. I've been looking everywhere for your phone number and/or address in order to purchase Robert D Raiford's book and have it signed. I heard a few days ago on your show that if I send a self addressed postage paid envelope that I could purchase his book and have him sign it.

  32. Call 1-800-471-STUF and be sure to explain that they need to get it autographed!

  33. Can you please send me the link to the diet you had featured on this mornings show?

  34. eattolive for info.

  35. What is the number 1 album of the 1970's and who is the artist?

  36. Some good bets:
    The Eagles Greatest Hits
    Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
    Saturday Night Fever - Original Soundtrack
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
    If we had to guess...we'd say the Eagles Greatest Hits. It was the best-selling album of all time for several years. Dunno if anybody ever beat it.

  37. What is the name of the oil additive you advertise? Was it X2R?(or something like that)

  38. X1R. See x1r

  39. What is the song that plays in the background during a segment of "AxIke"?

  40. Curtis Mayfield's "So In Love."

  41. I heard you talking Wednesday morning, May 14, about the deck of cards featuring Kofi Annan, George Clooney, Jacques Chirac, etc..., but I was driving down I-85 at the time and could not write down the information. Now I can't remember what they were called or who to contact for them. Can you help?

  42. See this link:

  43. Hey guys, can you tell me where i can find the movie " My Favorite Year" you have talked about .I tried blockbuster and movie gallery already.

  44. Try amazon

  45. Is Summer coming back to work?,if so when?

  46. Summer had a healthy baby girl named Taylor Nicole. The family is doing fine. She was back at work for a little while, but sadly, she's moved on.

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