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Commonly asked music questions:

Questions about Nascar/Racing Songs and Parodies
  1. Where can I find Jeff Gordon - Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

  2. We're sorry, but it's not available on an album or for download,. There is however, a text version available here.

  3. Where can I find the Bristol song about Rusty and Dale Earnhardt?

  4. It's available on our "Best of 20" - our latest CD. See the JB&B Store at or call 800-471-STUFF for info.

  5. I am looking for the song that you put out about Darrell and Rusty Wallace at the Winston.

  6. That one's never been released on an album. Sorry.

  7. Where can I find the Ward Burton Rap song and the Speechin' School commercial? The rapping song that Ward Burton did about his school or something like that is that really him doing that?

  8. Not the actual Ward, but an incredible simulation by Billy.

  9. Where can i find, what is the name, and who is the artist of the song about camping in the infield. It goes to the beat of "Dancing in the Moonlight"?

  10. It's Hoyt -- and it's a Big Show exclusive. Not available for sale or download at the moment.

  11. Please e-mail me about how I can get a copy of the CD, Wonder Boy about Jeff Gordon.

  12. Wonder Boy is not available for sale or download. Sorry.

  13. Several years ago (mid 90's), the Big Show ran a little tune about Dale Earnhardt. It was written to the tune of Hot Rod Lincoln. I believe it was played after his victory at Rockingham (spring race). Is this song available for download or purchase? If not, is their anyway to get in touch with the artist who performed/wrote the song?

  14. No, sorry.

Christmas songs and parodies
  1. Where can I find The rockin' version of the Grinch song?

  2. Try the "Artist search" feature at for info.

  3. I would like to buy Porky Pigs Christmas by John Boy and Billy. Where can I get it?

  4. It's on our first Christmas album.

  5. I would like to find that christmas song that was big back then called "rudoph the red necked reindeer".

  6. It's on our first Christmas album...

  7. The most hilarious thing I've ever heard on the air was the "Fruitcake Recipe" (Robert D. Raiford) skit... is this available on CD?

  8. Yep! It's on Nerve Wrackin' Christmas - Part's in the website store...and real stores too..

  9. Could You please tell me who sing's the song Christmas Balls and where I might find the lyrics to it?

  10. It's on the first JB&B Christmas album

  11. I heard a song on your show this morning and was wondering where I could get a copy. It was a Christmas Song - I guess it was named "The Most Nerve-Wrackin' Time of the Year". Where can I get a copy of that?

  12. It's a Big Show original, and isn't available for sale or download at this time. Sorry.

  13. Who sings the sort of "doo wap" version of "White Christmas"?

  14. The Drifters

  15. I ordered "Blue Christmas" by "Porky Pig" the Christmas Album from you yesterday...and am glad to have finally found it after searching for more than 10 years. But now I have seen names like Denny Brownlee and the original name I heard years ago when I first heard this recording, Seymour Swine.... so, who actually is the guy singing the song, "Blue Christmas" on your album..???

  16. Denny Brownlee is the one and only vocalist. He was identified as "Porky Pig" on the original 45 RPM release of the song 20 years ago. Warner Brothers complained about copyright infringement, so he was rechristned "Seymour Swine" for legal reasons.

  17. When are you guys going to post the Ozzy Christmas Song on the website?

  18. Ozzy's Christmas song is a Big Show original that's not currently available for sale or download.

Charlie Daniels
  1. Where can I find The NASCAR tribute album featuring Charlie Daniels. Marshall Tucker, and other artists?

  2. This can be ordered from speedwayrecords

  3. Where can I find Charlie Daniels on the web?

  4. charliedaniels

  5. Where can I find the Charlie Daniels - bin laden song?

  6. charliedaniels

  7. This morning I heard a song that was playing right around 8:00 A.M. I have no idea of the name or who was singing it. I would like to know if I can buy this song and what the name of it is. It has the USA in it and also a small child reciting the Pledge... This song expresses how we all feel and I think my children would love to hear this

  8. charliedaniels

Tim Wilson
  1. Who sings chuckie cheese hell?

  2. Tim Wilson.

  3. I am trying to find a copy of the Tim Wilson song "Jeff Gordon's Gay."

  4. Tim has performed the song live, but never recorded it. Sorry.

  5. I'm trying to find a CD or CD's containing "The Weenie Wack Song" (parody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), and Tim Wilson's "Chucky Cheese Hell".

  6. Tim's song is on one of his previous albums (not sure which). "Weenie Wack" is not on an album at present. but you can hear it by signing up for The Big Show NOW!. Click here for details.

  7. The skit that had the song about Cindi Crawford sounding like Jerry Reed? Who sung it and is it available for download on your site?

  8. Tim Wilson.

  9. Who sings "First Baptist Bar and Grill" and where can I find it?

  10. It's on Tim Wilson's best-of album "Certified Aluminum" -- Click here to visit his webpage.

  11. You had Tim Wilson on not to long ago and ya'll were talking about an Elvis Presley song which Tim referenced as Elvis's best song. Then ya'll played the song on the air. What is the name of that particular Elvis song? I think it referenced the Carolina or something like that.

  12. Promised Land

  13. Who sings the song with all the NASCAR greats names??????

  14. Tim Wilson

  15. Several months back on a Tim Wilson visit to your show, you played a song written by a friend of Tim's who travels with him. Could you give me the name of the song, the authors name, and the artist who recorded it?

  16. Danny Simpson wrote "On The Coast of Somewhere Beautiful" -- recently recorded by Kenny Chesnee

  17. Where can I find that boodie song you've played a couple times this week?

  18. It's on the new Tim Wilson comedy album "Super Bad Sounds of the 70s" -- available in stores now.

  19. I actually have two questions. 1. Where can I find Tim Wilson's CD? Would a store like Wal-Mart have it? 2. Do I have to order the John Boy & Billy Rough Cuts CD off of the Web Site or can I purchase it in a local store?

  20. Both the Tim Wilson and JB&B CDs should be available in most any record store. If you can't find JB&B stuff in a local store, you can also call and order it at 1-800-471-STUFF.

  21. Where can I get a CD of Uncle B.S. material

  22. Click here to visit his webpage.

  23. I heard the ward burton song this morning and want to know if I can buy it on cd?

  24. Tim has a Ward song on his new album (different from the Ward Burton Rap song we did, which is only currentlyt available on the air). The new TW album is available now.

Robert Earl Keen
  1. Where can I find the song "Ya' Keep Swervin In My Lane"?

  2. It's by Robert Earl Keen -- and was on his early album No Kinda Dancer.

  3. This morning you played a song possibly called "Amarillo Highway"
    Who did this and where can I find it?

  4. See robertearlkeen

  5. Where can I find "Merry Christmas from the Family" by Robert Earl Keen?

  6. See robertearlkeen

  7. I need the CD title (and/or song title) that has the song that says something like "I am the boss around here". And goes on to say he was a running out to the woods and start the mens movement.

  8. Sorry, but I don't think Robert Earl has ever recorded it for release.

Pinkard and Bowden
  1. Who sing the Dyslexia song?

  2. Pinkard and Bowden

  3. Recently i heard a song called bad big john, please let me know who sings it.

  4. It's by Pinkard & Bowden...

  5. I Heard a song parody of the Green Baret, It had to do with gay's in the millitary.

  6. "Queen Beret" is by Pinkard and Bowden. For info, see Pinkard and Bowden

  7. Where can I get a copy of the song about Kurt Cobain based on the song Your so vain?

  8. For info: Pinkard and Bowden

  9. We have been hoping we could get the lyrics to the song "Propane".

  10. For info: Pinkard and Bowden

Miscellaneous Music Questions
  1. Where can I find Ricky Scaggs - Weapon of Prayer??

  2. See wskaggsfamilyrecords for info.

  3. Where can I find the Fabulous Kays?

  4. kaysband

  5. Where can I find the song about rick flair?

  6. "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand" is by Paul Thorn. It's by the band Adam's Housecat. It may be unavailable at the moment. The band's current official website is at: claytonking

  7. I'm lookin for the name of the guy on this morning... (paul thorn) that wrote and sang the song about the firework tent revival.. Who sung it and is it available for download on your site?

  8. "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand" is by Paul Thorn. See for info.

  9. Who did "Nip It In The Bud!" and where can I get the words?

  10. Comedians Rooster (Todd Yahn) and Roadrunner (??)

  11. Hi You had a man on sometime back who had written a song that another country artist was doing on his album, I want to say the title of the tune was "somewhere on a beach" or something close, can you help?

  12. On The Coast of Somewhere Beautiful" -- cowritten by Danny Simpson -- is on the new Kenny Chesney album.

  13. I was at my work Wednesday morning Nov 27, 2002 when the playhouse came on starting with representative Who from China. Is this available?

  14. It's not available on Cd or for download at present. Sorry.

  15. Hey all, I was listening to your show (as I always do) and I heard this spin-off of Big Bad John.Could you tell me where I could get the song?

  16. That's Richard Bowden... richardbowden

  17. I'd like to get a downloadable copy of "Man of Constapation". Is that song available anywhere?

  18. Not that we are aware of...

  19. On what album(s) can I find the drunk limey rock star telling kids about drugs and drunk driving?

  20. That's Dwane Stomp...we do not own the distribution rights for the bit...

  21. I'm looking for a couple of albums that JB&B recommended from Rhino Records. JB&B were doing the segment with a guitarist and got into the most recognizable "blues rips" and such. The topic swung to country blues, etc.

  22. The 60s Soul box, "Beg Scream & Shout," is currently out of print -- but it sometimes shows up used on -- that's where Billy got his copy. The 8-track package, also from Rhino, is called "Can You Dig It?" and is available through

  23. I am trying to find the name of an Elvis song that ya'll played one morning. It had something to do with Tennessee and a train.

  24. "Promise Land" is the name of that song

  25. We have been told that your show can be found on the XM Radio. What channel and time? We are avid Big Show listeners, but unfortunately as OTR drivers we cannot always find you on a broadcast channel.

  26. Due to contractual obligations with our broadcast affiliates, we're not able to offer The Big Show on XM or Sirius satellite radio at present. We're hoping to work something out in the future, but it could be a while. If things change, we'll be sure to let everyone know. In the meantime, check the Stations page at for a complete list of our nationwide affiliate stations.

  27. I'm trying to find one of the intro songs you all play. I can't remember who did it or the title. I just remember hearing it on the radio as a kid ( WBAG Graham, NC --- plug for John Boy! ). They also used it for Special K Red Berries cereal. It starts off with a xylophone or tubular bells. I've searched with 'hello my love' but that ain't it.

  28. It's "Strawberry Letter 23" by The Brothers Johnson.

  29. Yesterday, you played the title track from Why Get UP? (Or something similar) John-boy kept calling the artist Robbie. Who is the artist and what is the album name and is it for sale yet?

  30. It's from Robert Palmer's new album, called "Drive."

  31. I heard a song today I loved but I didn't get name or the artist. It said my hair is turning white, my neck has always been red, my collar still blue, maybe it was named true red white and blue. Could you please e-mail me the name and artist. I really really love Fox and the music keeps me going all day. Thanks for all the laughs and kicking music!

  32. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Red White & Blue from their latest album.

    List of songs

    The Clinton Mambo
    A little bit of Monica in the house...

    The Martinsville Song
    Some people claim that there's a woman to blame...

    Over the Rainbow
    Jeff Gordon's Silly Season lament

    What I Like About 3
    Hoyt & Delbert with yet another tribute to their favorite driver.

    The Kosovo Song
    The first song inspired by the Balkans War.

    Married Man: "Dad To The Bone"
    America's most henpecked superhero rocks!

    Hey Dickey
    Miss Dipesto's tribute to Dick Trickle.

    Wonder Boy
    The Big Show hit about Jeff Gordon...featuring Hoyt (with Delbert's drunken girlfriend)

    These Boots Were Made For Racin'
    Jeff Gordon's Winston Lament

    "I Need A Vehicle Baby"
    John Boy's musical sponsorship pitch.

    The Monica Song
    The lyrics to Hoyt's tribute to the world's most famous intern.

    Black Number 3
    Bert Springsteen pays tribute to the Man In Black.

    The "Married Man" Theme
    By request: the official lyrics.

    Still can't find what you need? Email your question here.

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