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  1. I was wondering what cd would have the jb&B play house skit, with tim wilson where he says this is 250 POUNDS OF DYNOMITE. and the punch line was jacque saying i saw a small fuse and i thought you were gonna blow up. Marshall Tucker, and other artists?

  2. It's not availalbe on any album yet

  3. Can you tell me where to find an article on speeches (comical in nature of course) given by Nascar drivers once they've been eliminated from a race? I once heard one of your skits where theannouncer asked the driver a question, then almost immediately answered it himself because the answers were always the same.

  4. It's on JB&B's "Big ol' Hairy Album" - Coming soon to iTunes store. The title of the bit is "The Ultimate NASCAR Interview"

  5. Olivers'a comments about the history of the french military is one of the funniest things i have ever heard. Is there any way to get a copy of this?

  6. Sorry about that, but it's gone with the wind. I rarely save anything after four or five weeks.

  7. I heard one morning a few months ago where is was some answering machine about "Come on down to the den." It also said something like "don't let your good time ruin someone else's good time" What was that from and is there a copy of it?

  8. It was Dell's Den. It's located in Valley, Alabama. Do a Google search for "Dell's Den" and you can even find the address/phone.

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