Pics 'n Such
Dumb Crook News

Dumbest Deaths In History
How some famous names met their Maker

Escapee Uses Prison ID To Check Into Hotel
The kind of photo ID NOT to use when checking in!

Zoo Owner's suspect Bar-b-que's
Need something unique for your next BBQ? Just visit your local zoo.

Larceny Suspect Nabbed After Sensors Give Him Away
Why you shouldn't hide them in your pocket.

No Charges to Be Filed Against Ballplayer in 'Sausage Attack'
Batter Up!!

Dumb Crook News - 1/30/01
Another roundup of America's stupidest criminals

Dumb Crook News - 3/5/01
Claudia Schiffer gets a new boyfriend, and he's naked!!

Dumb Crook News - 3/27/01
Pot smuggler decides to go straight, and other strange crime tales

Dumb Crook News - 4/23/01
The Speller is the feller, Double In-dumb-nity, and Loomis-Fargo II

Dumb Crook News - 5/21/01
Chuckles the Clown shows off

Dumb Crook News - 6/6/01
Deer, poodles, and firemen all have embarrassing flubs

Dumb Crook News - 6/28/01
Cookie Monster attacked!

Dumb Crook News - 7/17/01
Alaka-zoom, alaka-zeer -- magician makes criminal disappear!

Dumb Crook News - 7/30/01
The Fart Bandits strike again

Dumb Crook News - 8/19/01
If Hoyt & Delbert turned to crime...

Dumb Crook News - 9/17/01
Human meatloaf in Iowa?

Dumb Crook News - Best of 2000
The year in criminal stupidity

Dumb Crook News - 10/23/00
The tale of the Chainsaw Comedian and more.

Dumb Crook News - 9/13/00
Eminem triggers violence at Willie's Lanes

Dumb Crook News - 8/28/00
A real-life "Weekend At Bernie's"

Dumb Crook News - 8/3/00
Spaghetti arrested for steallng tortellini

Dumb Crook News - 6/27/00
Hanky-panky at the Neighborhood Watch meeting, and a crook tries to eat his own figerprints.

Dumb Crook News - 6/7/00
Dysfunctional family's fenderbender leads to gunplay

Dumb Crook News - 5/17/00
Mother Teresa's autograph tips off counterfeiters

Dumb Crook News - 4/27/00
Silly Putty, doughnuts, and ear prints each take a bite out of crime

Dumb Crook News - 4/6/00
The Backstreet Boys as an instrument of state-sanctioned torture

Dumb Crook News - 3/9/00
Crook heaves his guts out -- literally.

Dumb Crook News - 2/16/00
Snow jobs, wheelin' and stealin', and an electronic rapsberry.

Dumb Crook News - 1/20/00
The legend of Dishonest Abe, plus bogus bills at Bingo World.

Dumb Crook News - Best of 1999
Our favorite not-so-great crimes of the year.

Dumb Crook News - 11/30/99
The Not-So-Great Thanksgiving Day Turkey Heist and lots more

Dumb Crook News - 11/4/99
Masked robbers have a tough time of it, and the Naked Gardner strikes again.

Dumb Crook News - 10/19/99
Disgruntled bank customer whizzes on ATM

Dumb Crook News - 9/27/99
Morganna the train-flashing bandit gets a little too close.

Dumb Crook News - 8/23/99
Crotchey the Clown loses in court.

Dumb Crook News - 8/3/99
A would-be carjacker "sticks" it to himself.

Dumb Crook News - 7/18/99
A police ride-along with an uexpected twist.

Dumb Crook News - 6/14/99
Bad career moves and Rescue 911 bloopers.

Dumb Crook News - 5/17/99
Reefers and roofers and clowns -- oh my!

Dumb Crook News - 4/28/99
A stupid incident at the Dum Dum Boutique and more.

Dumb Crook News - 4/9/99
Death by banjo?

Dumb Crook News - 3/22/99
More Loomis-Fargo follies, man bites toilet, and God goes to court.

Dumb Crook News - 2/23/99
The Mad Crapper, The Oval Idiots, and When Grannies Attack!

Dumb Crook News 2/2/99
Run! Blind Okie with a chainsaw!!

Dumb Crook News - 1/21/99
Reefer madness, a bacon-related assault, and Batman goes on a bender.

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