Pics 'n Such
JB&B Songbook

The Married Man Theme
(To the tune of "Spider-Man")

Married Man...Married Man
Drives Around In A Minivan
Got A Wife And Some Kids
His Whole Life's On The Skids
Hey There...
There Goes The Married Man

How's He Feel? Listen Dude
This Poor Guy's Really Screwed
Hangin' On By A Thread
Quart Of Milk Loaf Of Bread
Hey There...
There Goes The Married Man

Got A Big Gas Grill
Buys His Clothes At The Gap
And He's Just About
Had Enough Of This Crap

Married Man...Married Man
Friendly Neighborhood Married Man
Life For Him Has No Zing
Wife Won't Let Him Do A Thing
She Says...
It's About Time He Grew Up
Wherever There's A Screw-Up
You'll Find The Married Man