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Intern Patrick with the Crew
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Ike and Patrick…

Once upon a time, I happened to stumble on a bit that made John Boy laugh. While reading a segment about Ike Turner on the Show Prep, I delivered an impromptu bit about Ike kicking his thirteenth wife to the curb and a new character was born. Little did I realize at the time that not only did it make John Boy laugh, it made a special young boy laugh, too. His name is Patrick. And he's autistic. His mother, Rose, called and told us about Patrick's love of the show and his devotion to the “Axe Ike” segment. She asked if she could bring in Patrick to visit his favorite radio show. Jackie, of course, quickly answered yes and a few days later Patrick made his first of many visits to the Big Show studio. I was stunned to think such a silly bit would connect with him, but it surely did. He'd call Jackie every week and say, “Ike?”, and she'd tell him when Ike was coming up. Since it was so important to him, it became important to me. I was determined to make him apart of it in some way. Out of the blue the idea came to me to make this wild and funny kid Ike Turner's intern. They would be the perfect “Odd Couple”. And for that reason, the opening of every “Axe Ike” since includes the mention, reference or antics of “White Boy Patrick: Intern for Life”. At home, he records every “Axe Ike”; he knows John Boy's lines by heart; and, yes, still has time to handle his garbage route, wax the “Bro-Ham” and heat the Viennya's. We've watched him grow from a shy young boy to a loving and caring young man. Just recently Patrick graduated. We all couldn't have been prouder of him if he had been our own. And in a way, I guess he is. And always will be. This is our Patrick with whole Big Show Gang. If you ever see him, tell him Ike says “Yoooo, Whassup?” He'll know what you mean.

Jeff Pillars