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John Boy Jeapordy

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This daily activity is actually pretty safe: all other factors aside, you could do it 24/7/365 and live to be 250 years old.   What is driving a car?
By now, most folks know that chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. But this common vegetable can be just as harmful.   What are onions?
When Leo Gerstenzang invented cotton swabs in 1923, he called them "Baby Gays." Luckily, 3 years later he changed the name to "Q-Tips," with the Q standing for this.   What is "Quality?"
One in ten children does this at night.   What is sleepwalk?
In 2004, an Ikea furniture catalog became the world's most distributed publication in the world. With 25 million copies, this was number two.   What is the Bible?