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John Boy Jeapordy

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This daily activity is actually pretty safe: all other factors aside, you could do it 24/7/365 and live to be 250 years old.   What is driving a car?
According to a recent survey, 65 percent of Americans spend more time with this than with their partner.   What is their computer?
In 1347, the Black Plague killed 25 million in Europe. Victims developed a round red rash and high fever before death, and in their final hours of life, family members would place fresh flowers in victims' pockets to camouflage the aroma of impending death. But you already knew that, because you sang this song as a kid.   What is "Ring Around The Rosey?"
Experts say attendance at an amusement park rises after this happens on one of the rides.   What is someone gets killed?
In 1911, you were 32 times more likely to die while doing this than you are today.   What is driving a car?

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