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John Boy Jeapordy

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This daily activity is actually pretty safe: all other factors aside, you could do it 24/7/365 and live to be 250 years old.   What is driving a car?
You're more likely to contract an infection during a visit here than any other public facility.   What is a hospital?
Founding father Benjamin Franklin and former Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase are the only two non-presidents given this honor.   What is having their picture on US paper money? (Chase was on the $10,000 bill, which was only printed in 1934 and used to transfer money between banks and the Federal government.
Soda is America's number one beverage. Experts say this drink will move into second place this year, outselling sports drinks, milk, coffee, beer, and juice.   What is bottled water?
On average, cows do this about 200 times more often per day than humans do.   What is fart?

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